Secluded beaches Caribbean : La Blanquilla Venezuela:

Get a detailed overview of the la blanquilla among Secluded Beaches Caribbean.

Area: 65 sq km.
Coastline: 55 km.
Geographic coordinates: 11° 51′ 12” N, 64° 35′ 55” W.
Highest point: 30 m above the sea.



Location: 90 km north of Isla Margarita  and about 300 km northeast of Caracas.

Size: 9.5 km long and 8.5 km wide.

Terrain: flat.

Island name: Isla Blanquilla.

Country name: Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela (VE).

Nationality: Venezuelan(s).

Languages: Spanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects.

Capital: Caracas.

Population: Isla Blanquilla is an uninhabited island.

Climate: tropical; hot, humid.

Overview: La Blanquilla (span. Isla La Blanquilla) is an uninhabited island in the Caribbean Sea.

It lies about 90 km north of Isla Margarita  and about 300 km northeast of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Blanquilla has beaches of sugar white powder sand, for which it is named, and crystal clear waters. It and is one of the federal dependencies of Venezuela. La Blanquilla’s coastline is about 55 km long and has an area of 64,53 sqare km. The maximum height is about 30 m above sea level. Its reefs are notable for their black coral  and a popular dive site. The island’s wildlife include local cacti and iguanas, as well as wild donkeys and goats.

Accommodations: none.

Activities: sailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing.

Average tourist arrivals:  no day tours or mass tourism to spoil the nature.


La Blanquilla Venezuela

Snorkeling at La Blanquilla

Enjoy the SecludedBeaches Caribbean to the fullest, but before that get informed!

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