Secluded beaches Caribbean island: gold rock beach.

Get into the mysterious gold rock beach which is one amongst the secluded beaches Caribbean

Last year when we took a day to check out Lucayan Nation Park, the bridge to Gold Rock Beach was out of service. Left with no other option, we took the very long trek through the mangroves in order to get to the beach.

The hike is not for the weary though, because it is one hell of a long hike, however the hike through the mangroves is beautiful. If you have the energy definitely take the right path to Gold Rock Beach.

The bridge during our 2009 visit though was back in order, and the newly repaired bridge to the beach is beautiful.
Secluded beaches Caribbean island
You still get to see the Mangroves, but you won’t be as up close and personal had you taken the long hike through them. Along the way you will run into some tropical friends, such as this lovely spider.

Don’t be afraid of them, they are not harmful to humans at all. They may get big, may look scary, but they are harmless.

Gold Rock Beach has 2 paths to get to it. Go to the right for the jungle like trek, and head straight for a faster hike to the beach.


Grand Bahama Island’s rambling, reef-protected shoreline and cays are filled with numerous beaches, on which powdery white sand is the normal terrain.

There are generally two kinds of beaches: the “activity beach” and the “secluded beach.” At the activity beaches you’ll find a multitude of  fun and games: parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, etc. The best-known activity beaches are Lucaya Beach, Xanadu Beach, and Taino Beach.

As far as secluded beaches go, half of the fun is discovering them! The best hunting grounds are on the southwest and southeast sides of the island. Following the main highway either west or east, you’ll come across miles of empty sand soon enough. One of the most spectacular stretches, though, is Gold Rock Beach, part of the protected Lucayan National Park, which is a must see at low tide when it unfolds its signature ‘welcome mat.’


Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama Island

Last year while visiting Grand Bahama Island, we decided to visit Gold Rock Beach which is located in Lucayan Nation Park.

The beach itself is right across the street from the Lucayan Nation Park, and the first thing we noticed was that the bridge was not in service. We had no other choice but to hike a good 30 minutes through the mangroves beaten path in order to finally land out feet in some white powdery sand.

The hike was long, the sun was hot, but in all honesty it was well worth it. The beach that lies ahead is simply pristine; the absolute definition of paradise. No other beach comes close to defining paradise quite like this beach does.

While taking out second vacation back to Grand Bahama Island in 2009, we knew Gold Rock Beach had to be seen again. The second time around I wondered if the beach would be as magical, and as beautiful as it was a year earlier.


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