Secluded beaches Caribbean: Walk along on Rendezvous Bay Anguilla


Take a walk along the white sand of Anguilla bay and enjoy its breath taking view. So, here’s a welcome note for you at secluded beaches Caribbean.

Rendezvous Bay beach is perhaps the best of all Anguilla beaches to walk. The bay is a perfect sweep of soft white sand. On the Caribbean sea side of Anguilla, Rendezvous Bay gives you a breath taking view of St. Martin. No matter where you look, though, while you walk, the eye always seems to be pleased.

The water is clear and that perfect turquoise we all love, sun bright and sand soft. But, there is one problem with this beach which you will see later on…

We started our walk at the Anguilla hotel CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa. Park in their parking lot and look around. It is elegant, and right smack in the middle of the beach. We walked their gardens, admired their interesting style of villas, and the main lobby. They even have a hydroponics greenhouse.

After you finish exploring the main lobby, continue on through to the beach. Now, this is where we found the one problem!…

Which direction should we walk? Towards the East or towards the West? They both look so perfect! Oh well, flip a coin and let’s start towards…


This two-mile slice of paradise is reason enough to visit Anguilla, some say. With calm enough waters for even the least confident swimmers and the mellow sounds of Dune Preserve in the background, Rendezvous is an idyllic retreat for vacationers looking to escape Shoal Bay East’s hustle and tourist bustle.

Rendezvous is free to enter and easy to enjoy any day of the week. But if you really want to get away from it all, avoid the beach on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, when crowds gather for Dune’s live music. This southwestern beach also hosts the Moonsplash Music Festival every March.


Check out more about the Caribbean beaches and enjoy your stay.

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