Blanquilla : Secluded beaches Caribbean

Blanquilla is a beautiful island with white sand beaches, black corals and wildlife including local cacti and iguanas, as well as wild donkeys and goats. Visit this Secluded Beaches Caribbean and have fun.

Credit Source:vacationhomes

Credit Source:vacationhomes

Blanquilla is an island, one of the federal dependencies of Venezuela,located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea about 182 miles northeast of Caracas. Its reefs are notable for their black coral, which is used for jewelry and other crafts. The island is formed by the Aves Ridge, a seafloor feature which protrudes above water to the north, forming several other islands. Has an area of 64.53 km²



Island name: Isla Blanquilla.
Country name: Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela (VE).
Nationality: Venezuelan(s).
Languages: Spanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects.
Capital: Caracas.
Population: Isla Blanquilla is an uninhabited island.
Climate: tropical; hot, humid.


Area: 65 sq km.

Coastline: 55 km.

Geographic coordinates: 11° 51′ 12” N, 64° 35′ 55” W.

Highest point: 30 m above the sea.

Location: 90 km north of Isla Margarita  and about 300 km northeast of Caracas.

Size: 9.5 km long and 8.5 km wide.

Terrain: flat.


La Blanquilla received its name for the beauty of its beaches of very thin, white sand. It barely has marine currents and its waters are crystal-clear. The island is totally virgin, almost uninhabited, which makes it exceptionally natural.

It is located to the north of Margarita Island and its access is possible by ship or plane.
Close to La Blanquilla one finds La Orchila, another island surrounded by spectacular corals, ideal to practice snorkeling. To access this island, it is possible to go by ship from Los Roques.

It also possesses coral reefs of low depth with lots of biodiversity and a great variety of submarine life, which makes it an ideal place to practice snorkeling and scuba-diving.

Amongst the most interesting attractions of La Blanquilla Island, we find natural walls and bridges. Its coral formations are also quite an attraction, coming out to the surface of the water, due to its great size.


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