Gold Rock Beach : Secluded beaches caribbean

Gold Rock Beach rambling, reef-protected shoreline on which powdery white sand is the normal terrain, Get indulged in the beauty of this Secluded Beaches Caribbean.

Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama IslandThat’s the gem that was nestled across the street from Lucayan National Park. If you pull up at the park, you honestly would not even know it was there, unless you previously searched for it online. The locals may also mention it to you, and if you are lucky, hopefully your cab driver mentions it, because there is no sign.

The sign is hidden down a very small narrow dirt path, surrounded by tropical plants, bushes and flowers of every kind. If you look closely across the street, you may be able to see the path, but it’s a bit over grown.

Once we found the little path, it took us to a huge green rock that stated GOLD ROCK BEACH. You now know you are on the right path.

You have 2 options. For us though, we had only one option because the small bridge that would have taken us straight to the beach was out of service, and blocked off. We had to go right, and follow the path that is called Mangroves.

The Mangroves is pretty tedious, especially if it is blazing hot out. We actually were a little lucky, and a little unlucky because it began to rain, and we had to be very, very careful walking the Mangroves, because it is a long, long path through marsh land. Some areas of the path are nothing more than puddles of 2 inch water, which would break off into sections of a long narrow plank. You have to be very careful on the planks, because there are no railings, and if you fall in, you fall into water. The water is not deep, but there are many bushes growing from the water that could hurt you.

You cannot help but think a big alligator is going to come up to grab you. It’s really phenomenal the whole trek through the Mangroves because you will feel like you are on some sort of safari. If you stop to take in the surroundings you will sometimes see a large crab scurrying about. You may also see a bunch of spiders.

Once the path ends, you are not quite to the beach yet… but you will feel the anticipation building up.

You are instead taken to a dark overgrown area of tropical woods, with huge trees. Looking around we saw so many different types of enormous bugs, beetles, and butterflies. A huge cicada the size of my hand was actually dead and stuck in a spiders web. A sight I thought I’d only ever see on the Discovery Channel.

A few feet through the woods you come up a small dirt hill, and just below the hill, you will find miles and miles of the secluded perfect white sand beach. The water is probably the clearest and most beautiful waters we found on the entire island.


There are generally two kinds of beaches: the “activity beach” and the “secluded beach.” At the activity beaches you’ll find a multitude of  fun and games: parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, etc. The best-known activity beaches are Lucaya Beach, Xanadu Beach, and Taino Beach.

As far as secluded beaches go, half of the fun is discovering them! The best hunting grounds are on the southwest and southeast sides of the island. Following the main highway either west or east, you’ll come across miles of empty sand soon enough. One of the most spectacular stretches, though, is Gold Rock Beach, part of the protected Lucayan National Park, which is a must see at low tide when it unfolds its signature ‘welcome mat.’
Fortune Beach is a quiet beach, five miles from Port Lucaya Marketplace. The beach got its name from a shipwreck worth $2 million which was discovered there.

Gold Rock Beach is part of our National Park and is protected by the National Trust. This beach is located east of the Island (about 25 miles from Freeport) and is secluded and spectacular at low tide. It can be accessed via tour bus or rental car.

Mather Town Beach is about three miles from Port Lucaya. There are limited water activities, but it is a great beach for swimming, eating, drinking and hanging out with the locals. Club Caribe restaurant and Margaritavilla Sand Bar are located here.

Paradise Cove Beach, located in the west, is a quiet, secluded beach, offering snorkeling and volleyball as well as food and drink. Various tour packages provide transportation to this beach, which is open from 10 a.m. to sunset. Apartments are available for rent.


Find out more about this place and have fun!

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